Many times the corners of a living room pose a problem for decorators. You have already enough sideboards, enough coffee tables or enough occasional tables for use and then the large corner space looms empty. A corner curio cabinet may be a perfect solution to decorate one of the corners of your living room where you can display your collectibles. Corner curio cabinets are not the only choice you have in curio cabinets. Other types of curio cabinets are available which can be used as room dividers so that the living room design section and the dining room section can be divided effectively if you have an open floor plan of living room designs running into your kitchen. Curios as well quality china can be displayed.

Room dividing curio cabinets can be made of wood and glass combo as well as stone and glass combo. Some of them are fitted with glass shutters on one side or both sides. You can choose to have open type of such dividers which can be used to keep your book or music collections – reserving the top shelves for curios and collectible display. The smaller size curio cabinets are mostly glass cases with wooden top and bottom with glass shelves within for display and with built-in lights so that your curios are displayed to perfection. Most of them are fitted with castor wheels so that you can move them easily in case you want to change the position of the curio cabinets.

Today glass curio cabinets have mirror backs so that they look roomier and the lighting looks enhanced and whatever displayed inside enjoys better view, better light and maximum exposure. If you happen to have a larger item – say like an antique guitar etc, a curio shelf with removable shelves will be best to accommodate bigger items.

Here are some beautiful curio display shelves from 1 Contemporary. There are both corner curio cabinets as well as long running type of display shelves that can be used as room dividers in your home. Look at the built in light option that lights up the inside quite effectively. The elliptical shaped cabinet also looks very elegant and beautiful.

I am sure you have beautiful looking collectibles in your home. Do you want a corner curio cabinet or a room divider type? Check out your options!