Bathrooms are most important features of our home. It is where we spend the first waking moments and the last moments before going to bed. To have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with all amenities like great vanity counters, compact storages like linen cabinets, medicine cabinets and cosmetic counter is as much important as having a great looking flooring and surrounding walls.

Good bathroom mosaic tiles flooring will not only look great but also will be tough and skid free – providing safest flooring surface for both the very young and old alike. It will put up with the high temperatures of steam and moisture and retain the same look as new. It will be easy to clean, not become stained or dull; and will make you feel so glad that you opted for this kind of flooring.

Bathroom aesthetics start with mosaic tile flooring and walls. Bathroom flooring and walls are the two important aspects of design plans for your bathroom whether building a new bathroom or renovating the old one. Also your bathtub needs to look good, go with your bathroom flooring and walls. If you have a small swimming pool, you may like the pool also look as great as your bathroom!

What are the options available? From simple tiles to complex designed mosaic tiles, tiles are made of porcelain, mosaics hard-glazed ceramic, stones like marble, granite etc and now many recycled products. For bathroom walls, flooring, shower cubicles, tub surrounds, porcelain mosaic tiles are one of the best options. They look good, slip resistant and easy to maintain.

Here are some images of a beautifully done bathroom with porcelain mosaic tiles. Pretty-looking floorings, sparkling shower areas, cool-looking wall décor with washbowls all look extremely pleasing to the eye. These are made of porcelain mosaic – an innovative product from Piccolo Mosaic Ltd. A wide range of porcelain mosaics will soon be available for all your bathroom décor needs.

The bathroom vanity with floating mirrors has a white coloured washbowl matching the bidet and washbowl pair. The backsplash gives a distinct touch to the entire décor. The bathtub looks sparkling white inside with pretty porcelain mosaic patterned outside which is repeated in the potholder ornamental column. There is a matching vanity counter and framed mirror also. The pools shown here are made sparkling because of the beautiful coloured porcelain mosaic tiles that are used.

Hope you will explore porcelain mosaic tiles for your bathroom décor!