Front porch, foyer and living room are the first place every visitor to your home views. Living room is the place the guests stay and partake in your hospitality and festive celebration. So decorating the living room gorgeously, traditionally and beautifully is most important. You can use every nook and corner for displaying the Christmas theme effortlessly and elegantly. What are all the ways to decorate the living room for Christmas? A Christmas tree can be the most visible and important part of decoration. Using wreaths and green ropes is another way of doing the room. Keeping the stockings in the mantel is yet another thing to be included. A Christmas platter and other arrangements can complete the décor.

But before you start your decorations, get the living room ready for Christmas, Santa and your guests. Remove all the unwanted clutter that could have accumulated over the last year. Magazines and books you no longer read children’s toys and games that ought not to be in the living room, and other items that clutter the look.

Clean the furniture of dirt and dust, and get the upholstery shampooed for an extra lift. And change the cushion and bolster covers. Also thoroughly shampoo and clean your carpet as well. Cleaning the drapery, curtains and window treatment will make the room look absolutely great. Clean up all the display shelves and try to make room for the decorations. Also clean the light fixture thoroughly as well the bulbs. The mirror needs thorough cleaning and check out the chandelier and items like table lamps, floor lamps are thoroughly cleaned. This can make the room look spacious and brightly lit. Decide what are all the decorations that will go into the living room and where they will go.

If you have decided on keeping the Christmas tree in the living room, then check out whether you need to rearrange the sofas or coffee tables etc so that you have enough space to keep the tree in the best way possible. Keep the table and mantel surfaces free of other things so you can keep your Christmas arrangements without any hassle. Here are some beautiful living room arrangements from Singaso. The arrangements all look so elegant and sophisticated that the guests, friends and family are sure to enjoy the festive occasion greatly in high spirits. Check out which kind of décor you can adopt for your home?