You might be surprised at how specific your child is when it comes to choosing their new bed. Most have a very good idea of what they want, even if they’re not sure exactly what the bed style is called. Children’s bed ranges are extensive, with some that appeal to the very young, and some that appeal to the growing child who is perhaps a little more image conscious. Then there are some that will grow with your child and will appeal to them at any age.

Cabin Beds

These are great for smaller spaces and for children who don’t like to sleep as high as in a bunk bed. Also called mid sleeper beds, they often have space below that is suitable for a desk where computers can be stored, maximising the space available.

High Sleeper Beds

Also known as loft beds, these are designed similarly to bunks but instead of another bed below, they often have wardrobe space or shelves and sometimes futon style foldaway beds for sleepovers. Some just have a space where existing furniture can be placed, again making the most of a small space.

Bunk Beds

These haven’t changed much over the years, although the design has been tweaked and made even safer. These are available in various themed designs if you would like to match your child’s chosen decor.

Single Beds

These have long been a favourite choice for children’s beds and bedrooms and come in so many styles that your child will be sure to find one that appeals. From sturdy wooden frames to modern metal chic, there are plenty that won’t break the bank either.

If you decide to buy online, many companies offer free delivery, so here is a good way to cut the cost a little. Ensure you check the website for details.